Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Pope's Penis 

This from an astute editorial on the ban on gay priests published in this week's Boston Phoenix:

"Affront or not, barring gay men from serving as priests is an odd prophylactic--especially at a time when the Church is suffering a severe shortage of priests. It's even more curious when one considers that the next great scandal that threatens to rock the Church of Rome may well come from the AIDS-ravaged precincts of Africa and Asia, where unscrupulous heterosexual clerics violate their vows of celibacy to prey on young women for sex in the hope that those girls may be virgins and thus free from the HIV virus that spreads like a modern plague among the devout Catholics who observe the Church-ordered ban on contraceptives. It's odd indeed to passively promote death in the name of sanctifying life. But popes have been known to do some odd things."


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