Thursday, November 10, 2005

thank you Jenn 

Jenn, thanks so much for posting about Nadia Anjuman. Ron Silliman also posted this story on his blog, and it made me SO ANGRY as soon as I read it.

Silliman included a photograph of Nadia, and it MADE the experience sink in. We need to SEE the face of someone who has been subjected to violence because of WHO they are, it's important, very important. It's sad, but it also makes me angry, very VERY angry and anger is nothing but healthy when faced with such a brutal world, anger infuses the bloodstream, gets us acting!

President Bush and his wife Laura toured the US telling horror stories of the way women had been treated in Afghanistan, but say nothing about the Taliban being allowed to reform so soon in the hills after accomplishing what they wanted. Of course it was a ploy, but he used that ploy, and we should use that ploy against him. This is an issue the Global Women's Strike deals with every day.

The president should be told that he does not get to use women's rights, and women's health to get want he wants without giving to women's rights and women's health. That goes for the women in the US as well as Afghanistan and Iraq!

Thanks Jenn for posting about Nadia. For Nadia Anjuman, and ever other woman who will be beaten to death today, somewhere, in our world, count on it.

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