Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cole Swenson @ Temple ! 

In conjunction with the seminar,
Imagining Open Spaces,
sponsored by the Center for the Humanities at Temple
and by the Temple University English Department/Creative Writing Program

Cole Swensen, Frank Sherlock and CA Conrad
A Poetry Reading

Cole Swensen will read from her forthcoming collection
Ours: the Gardens of Andre le Notre.

Philadelphia poets CA Conrad and Frank Sherlock will open
with a reading from their collaborative series of walking
poems, The City Real and Imagined: Philadelphia Poems.

Tuesday, Nov. 15, 8pm
TUCC 222: Temple University Center City, 1515 Market Street,
Room 222
Please use the Temple entrance on the inside of the block
(not the Market Street entrance)


Cole Swensen
Garden Wars:
a Talk and Slideshow, with discussion

In this talk, to be accompanied with slides, Swensen will
explore the incongruous intersection of gardens and warfare,
via the distorting effect of anamorphoses developed in the
baroque French garden.

Wednesday, Nov. 16, 3:40-5pm
Russell Weigley Room (Gladfelter 914): Temple University
Main Campus, History Department, 9th floor of Gladfelter
Hall, 1115 West Berks Street


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