Wednesday, October 05, 2005

2 events at Robins MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!! 


Wednesday, October 12th

7pm at
Robins Bookstore
108 S. 13th St.

(Robins is a BOOKSENSE member.
If you don't know BOOKSENSE, you SHOULD!)

Evening's introductions of poets by CAConrad

MARY BURGER is the author of Sonny (Leon Works, 2005) and co-editor of Biting the Error: Writers Explore Narrative (Coach House Books, 2004). She edits Second Story Books, featuring cross-genre narrative works. Recent writing appears or is forthcoming in Aufgabe, nocturnes, and Five Fingers Review. Earlier books inlcude Bleeding Optimist (Xurban) and Thin Straw I Suck Life Through (Melodeon). She lives in Oakland.

FRANK SHERLOCK lives in Philadelphia, where he curates the Night Flag Reading Series. He is the author of 13 (ixnay Press), and a collaboration with CAConrad entitled (end/begin w/ chants) (Mooncalf Press). Their ongoing collaborative project is The City Real & Imagined: Philadelphia Poems. Sherlock is also the author of Ace of Diamond Satellite, a forthcoming collection in 2006.

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Drugs Are Nice 2005 Tour

Sunday, October 23, 7 pm

In honor of her new memoir DRUGS ARE NICE, Lisa "Suckdog" Carver will be doing a lecture on post punk: why is happened and what went wrong. Accompanied by ethereal comic artist Dame Darcy on the singing saw, Lisa will draw diagrams and dry erase, explaining how chaotic, self-violent, transgressive performers like GG Allin, Suckdog, Lydia Lunch, and The Swans came to be. Also why they didn't wear colors and why they smelled so very bad. She will then turn the room (by top secret methods we would die rather than disclose here!) into a physical representation of ten minutes of the era she like to call "the late 80s, early 90s. Don't miss this unconventional, unforgettable book event by a major shaper of the era.
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