Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Operation Ceasefire 

In DC this Saturday, there will be a massive anti-war march & rally planned by United for Peace and Justice, A.N.S.W.E.R., VoteToImpeach.org and the September 24 Coalition.) The march will be followed by a concert at the Washington Monument hosted by Jello Biafra, featuring Theivery Corporation, Bouncing Souls, Le Tigre, The Coup, Steve Earle, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists & many more.

Resistance to the Bush regime has been gaining momentum in recent months. More dead Americans. More dead Iraqis. No clear plan for success. No exit strategy. No decisive victories in the War on Terror. One decisive defeat in the War on Weather*. What can we expect from our fascists, if they're not even efficient?

Enough was enough. And it still is. See you in DC.

The Philadelphia Regional Anti-War Network (PRAWN) bus is available for $25 a seat from:

Peace Action-Delaware Valley
3001 Walnut St. 7th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104
for info call: 215-386-4322
Leaving - 7:30 AM West Side 30th Street Station

ANSWER is selling bus tickets for $25 either by mail

Philadelphia IAC
813 S. 48th St Philadelphia, PA 19148
or accepting credit card purchases www.troopsoutnow.org
Leaving - 8 AM from the outside of 30th Street

- Frank Sherlock

* courtesy of Matt McGoldrick September 8, 2005

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