Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Operation Brotherly Love 

Hi All,

Please refer to Pattie's post, directly below, regarding how you can help with the animal rescue effort.


Philadelphia is going to be accepting 1,000 families who've been displaced by hurricane Katrina. Here's how you can help:


On the left, there's a menu of options. besides giving money, you can donate clothing, & here's how:

You're going to WANT to click "make a donation" but this is a phila.gov website, so it's a little ass-backward (I say this with love...), & "make a donation" only means $$. therefore, you'll want to click on "sign up to volunteer", & fill out the form, & when it asks you the type of assistance you're volunteering, you can choose "clothes" (or whatever) from the drop-down menu.


love, jenn mcc.

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