Saturday, September 03, 2005

Brett Evans 

Brett was rescued by helicopter in New Orleans yesterday after spending the week on the fourth floor of a converted warehouse. He was taken to the New Orleans Convention Center, where he was shuttled to Houston. We're glad he's okay. He'll be reuniting with Janine & his parents in Shreveport soon.

His four dogs & three cats are STILL in the apartment. The rescuers wouldn't take the animals he stayed to protect. Animal rescue efforts were not yet allowed into the city as of yesterday. If you have any contacts at all with organizations participating in the rescue, please let them know there are four dogs and three cats in the American Can Company (now condos/apartments) at the corner of Orleans Avenue & Bayou St. John, Apartment #4403. And please contact me if you hear any developments at fsherlock7@hotmail.com

- Frank Sherlock

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