Thursday, August 11, 2005

Whitman on Whitman 

I read one review that Whitman wrote about himself a few years ago. What I remember from it was that he compared his work to Homer's, Milton's, and the Bible!

The interesting thing for me is not that Whitman wrote this about himself, what's really interesting, is that so many future critics and readers have agreed with Whitman's own assement of his work.

--Tom Devaney

Here is a section from my poem "The Car, a Window, and WWII" --

The experimental film Walt Whitman Nurse and Poet,
it's not bad; we enjoyed the catalogue of birds.
The dull and unmusical notes of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo,
like the cow, cow of a young bull-frog repeated eight or ten times
with increasing rapidity.
The way sounds become words, and words
can store their sounds, and return back to Sound.
As we learned, some of the birdcalls and songs were recreated
from written descriptions.

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