Sunday, August 07, 2005

to Kevin Thurston, and to Frank Sherlock... 

Kevin, wanted to admit that I had a small extra paragraph in question 2 about the poet Fernando Pessoa's use of his Heteronyms, or alternative personalities.

But in the end I took it out because I thought I was getting away from the fact that Whitman wasn't writing the reviews to explore extra, or hidden personalities. But then again who knows what the old queen was up to in his bedroom with pen in hand, stroking his long white beard? Maybe it was like a whole play for him, we don't know. We don't know how he wrote them, but we do know he did. So our imaginations have to fill in the blanks, which is really quite fun!

Frank, yes, what you say makes perfect sense that Ginsberg was championing Corso because he believed in Corso as a great poet. Glad you said so. I also believe that if it were not for Ginsberg's spiritual life that he may not have been able to find the space inside himself to be so instantly okay with the situation. It was one of those moments in watching a documentary where I said to myself that I was witnessing a way to Be which would benefit everyone.


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