Monday, August 15, 2005

The New York Times Does Philly?? 

Did anyone read the article, "Philadelphia Story: The Next Borough," in The New York Times yesterday?

Here is the link:

It's a mostly positive article about how some New Yorkers are moving to Philadelphia.

However, the writer, Jessica Pressler begins by going to see what "a real Philly apartment looks like" -- it's a "spacious" one bedroom apartment that supposed to be $800 in a brownstone "on" Rittenhouse Square. The problem is that there are no brownstones directly on Rittenhouse Square. And if there were, the $800 bucks rent would not reflect the prices of what you're going to get for that there. The rest of the article, the focus is on the not-so-close-to-Rhittenhouse Square neighborhood of Fishtown.

Then there is this item: "Philadelphians occasionally refer to their city - somewhat deprecatingly - as the "sixth borough" of New York," -- SAY WHAT? -- I've never, not once heard anyone call Philadelphia -- and I've heard called nearly everything -- but the "sixth borough" of New York."

Thanks for the props, but get the facts straight.

The link for the website movetophilly is also slightly strange (besides an email link for a tour) since it doesn't seem to go anywhere: http://movetophilly.com/ -- maybe it was just when I was trying it.


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