Thursday, August 04, 2005

More Machines 

Some additional answers to last month's process question...

- FS

Kristin Prevallet:

Well the process is a process, meaning it changes with every poem. But since I've had my daughter Sophie and have had so much less time to "compose" I find myself "culling" my free writing "fodder" and attempting to assert some logic into it. How's that for some jargon? But I really am a material girl, meaning that I do amass a large amount of "crap" before sifting through it and finding little lines that might work. The "composition" (the follow-through) most always comes from what I have heard/read other people doing. I'm very open to being influenced, and steal forms and tones from people all the time. A parasite! Beware.

Tina Darragh:

Well, I do like to transcribe dictionary pages by hand - making columns on legal paper - and then go back later and type what seems to flow from those - "numb by numb by numb" was written that way. But then, having multiple screens up on the computer is fun, too - to be logged into one of the online dictionaries & copying out segments from there to intersperse with language from a text I'm reading or some paragraph I've already written. There is an online labor law dictionary that has the most amazing word write-ups - long narratives about how words have changed over time. So I guess I'm half 'n half on this one!

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