Sunday, August 14, 2005


Besides being a dedicated activist with The Global Women's Strike, my good friend Mary Kalyna is also part of the Eastern European Women's Vocal Ensemble SVITANYA. She called me this afternoon to tell me how activism crossed paths with the singing this morning when SVITANYA held a performance at the First United Methodist Church of Germantown.

Present in the audience at this morning's concert was Celeste Zappala, the mother of Army Sgt. Sherwood Baker, who was the first Pennsylvania National Guardsman killed in Iraq, and also the first Pennsylvania Guardsman to have died in combat since 1945.

Celeste had just come back from (literally just come back from) Crawford, Texas, where she had been camping and protesting with Cindy Sheehan and 500 others outside President Bush's ranch. It is exciting to hear that the 500 others are not only other parents of children who have died in Iraq, but also active duty service men and women who came to camp with Cindy Sheehan and support her protest while on their two week leave.

If you're interested, this Wednesday night at 7:30 pm, Celeste Zapala will be giving a talk about Cindy Sheehan, and leading a vigil in support of her efforts at the First United Methodist Church of Germantown. The location of the church is 6023 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia. It's easy to get to, check out SEPTA's website for details.

Read Celeste Zappala's article "The Problem With Karl Rove's Phone" on Michael Moore's webpage.


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