Monday, August 01, 2005

do you have COMCAST and wonder what's going on with your cable provider? 

"Comcast is now like a newspaper. Protected by the First Amendment, a newspaper can drop your favorite comic strip or columnist at will. Only with a newspaper, if you don't like what you see, or don't see, you can go somewhere else. But if cable is your information lifeline to video and the Internet, you've scant choice. Worse, being a content provider, a cable company can now block an Internet site they don't want you to see. And it's all perfectly legal." --from Bruce Schimmel's article KING CABLE (Philadelphia City Paper, Jul/2005)

This afternoon I ran into my old friend Duane, who was FIRED UP (I've always loved how Duane is fired up about something!) about the new article you see an excerpt from above.

It was an opportunity to spread the word on Philadelphia's tireless folks at MEDIA TANK, and the new-ish book COMCASTED, a book Media Tank has been supporting for reasons which become obvious once you delve into what both Media Tank and the book stand for/against/and with!

If interested, please read the above links to learn more...

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