Saturday, August 27, 2005

an appeal for Chax Press 

Below is a letter Eli Goldblatt is circulating,


Dear Friends,

I have been involved with Chax Press, a literary and
book arts press, as one of its authors and an interested
friend of its various projects. I give my own time and
money to Chax Press because I care deeply about
what they do.

Currently, Chax Press is experiencing a deep and
immediate need for transitional funding. I wouldn’t ask
you to help if I did not consider it an urgent matter; you
can rest assured that your money will be well spent,
and that this press will continue to do wonderful work. I
am only asking people who I know can help, and who I
can trust with my own deep care for Chax Press. Chax
Press has been around for twenty years, and feel sure
they will be here for a good while to come.

For those twenty years, Chax Press has published
literature that crosses boundaries, holds no ground
sacred, transgresses — poetry that, as Emily Dickinson
put it, takes one’s head off. These books obliterate
distinctions between poetry and prose, language and
art, literature and life. The effort Chax has put into
support of Gil Ott's work is particularly dear to me. In
addition to their fine edition of Traffic and their part in
the tribute volume The Form of Our Uncertainty,
Charles Alexander and I will be editing a posthumous
selected writing to be published by Chax sometime in

Chax Press receives support from national and local
arts agencies, but the greatest part of its budget comes
from individual donors. I ask for your tax-deductible
donation of $30 or more, to help the press through a
time of need. I urge you to make this contribution
immediately – write a check and put it in today’s or
tomorrow’s mail, please. Charles Alexander is offering
all who help a significant discount on any of four new or
forthcoming books from Chax Press.

Thank you for helping to make words and the art made
from words matter. Please see the attached form below
for more information on new books and how you can
send a donation to Chax.



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