Friday, July 15, 2005

You Can't Fire Me, I Quit 


Point taken, that is if Rove is (dream on) fired. You & I both know that if the kitchen gets too hot, he'll resign. He WILL NOT be fired. He won't resign as an admission of guilt, but in the interest of not giving Democrats the chance to derail the president in a time of war.

I can hear Carly Simon singing "Nobody Does it Better" as Rove walks away from the podium to get to even more discreet destructions. I think the longer he dangles in uncertainty, the more damage the White House must endure. If he resigns tomorrow, it's over. And he'll be smearing for neocons all over again. Baby, he's the best.

Remember military felon John Poindexter? Remember the Office of Information Awareness? Most people don't. He resigned from one of the most aggregious appointments in the last 100 years. Where's the lingering scandal?

As far as Novak goes, of course outing a CIA operative is a crime. Like I said, he already cut a deal. He's presently being used by Rove as a diversion to soften the blows coming his way. Why is this difficult to believe?

I don't think a resignation will be seismic. It would be nice, though. I'm not saying I don't want it to happen, or that there shouldn't be maximum pressure applied. But let's be realistic. We both just want to see this administration accountable for their crimes. The Downing Street Minutes somehow escaped continued media scrutiny. That could have been a death blow, had the media (including the NY Times)had the courage to their job. The Rove Affair pales in comparison.

All I'm saying is that it will make little to no difference in terms of Rove's influence in the White House. His role has always been shadowy & covert. It may just be more so once he's removed from the photo-ops.

- FS

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