Saturday, July 16, 2005

What Would Rove Do? 

My question is simply this: What would Rove do if the tables were turned and there was a DEM in Office?

One layer of the Pro-Rove (he deserves a medal) spin is that people are blowing this thing up more than they should.

I submit that if the DEM's were in power the fire-storm on this would be relentless
-- and much more out-for-blood than we're seeing now.

I have to laugh when I think of all the hyperbolic Republican attacks that truly were a tempest in a tea-pot and not a breech of trust and accountability from our leaders, who are failing to lead here and simply out protect their own at all costs.

There have been lies and more lies are needed to cover those lies up. What is one to make of Rove's recent comment that he would have "no motive" to do what people say he did?

Rove saying he had no motive is a lie. I don't say that he is lying without realizing what a serious charge that is to make.

But why would Rove go on to say that Valerie P. was fair game to Hardball?

Rove's game is hardball; but he the first to cry foul when others do it, which is what Rove's Distractionist are doing now.

Those who attack Rove could learn a lot from him.

But let us have civil discorse.


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