Thursday, July 14, 2005

thanks SO MUCH for the sex fiends Harry! 

Tomorrow night at midnight bookstores all over the witchy world will be selling copies of the latest Harry Potter book. Number whatever, 5? 6? To be honest I've never read or wanted to read any of the books, but I'm so happy they exist. (At the bookstore where I work we have over 2,000 reserved copies for folks on the west side of Philadelphia's Broad Street).

Witchcraft is one of the most useful things a child can have in her/his life. Witchcraft is quite empowering, the idea of bending energy, bending the muscle of light, of air, water, yes fire, yes earth. Witchcraft gets a person of any age to think about the movement of real power, the power of seasons, the power of streams, the Power of an ANT moving 10 times its own.

One of the things about Harry Potter that has me SO excited is that I've been a little depressed about the fucking born again christian fascists making our decisions for us lately, moving in, in all directions. Harry Potter is not only a sign that they haven't won every Soul to their side, but Harry Potter is also a tool to convert the children of the world to loving the world. Loving the earth, and all it has to offer. NOT a heaven, but a world, this world, the Earth, who needs some attention, and SOON dammit!

Does this sound fancy? So what, I MEAN IT!

Because I guarantee you that many kids reading Harry Potter will grow up, go to pagan gatherings, learn about herbs, learn about Reiki and Yoga, learn about their many Brilliant possible psychic paths in their minds and bodies. Harry, thank you!

My born-again christian relatives fear and hate Harry Potter, and speak of him often. He's teaching the devil's tools to children!

Once, an annoying cousin said to me that her pastor said "Harry turns innocent children into witches, and makes them deviant sex fiends when they become adults!"

"Yes, that's probably true," I said, and meant it.

I'll always remember my FIRST pagan gathering. I had already been reading the Dakini tarot for a few years, and had just started macrobiotics, was learning Reiki, but wanted to expand, to get in some more experiences and ideas.

That first gathering really was like having my virginity taken, again, in more ways than one. The herb walks, discovering the power of the forest and field, stream and mud, really understanding HOW to heal with it, through it, IN it. I just simply had NO idea how much there is around us, always there, always ready and almost WILLING to give it's power.

There was also quite a bit of sex going on, all over, out in the open, thousands of witches from all over the world at the festival/gathering in Sherman, New York, a gathering called Starwood. And the first night, that was the most beautiful. At least two dozen drummers around a huge fire, and much dancing between the drums and the flames. "They're about to perform the Great Rite now Conrad," my friend Marsha told me. Really!? I had READ ABOUT THAT! And sure enough these two beautiful women, one with long curly red locks, the other with long straight jet black hair came into the circle, naked, dancing, dancing into a frenzy that landed them on the ground in wild passionate sex. I'm a queer guy, but that was lovely. This sounds TRULY queer, but I almost wept. How funny is that?

Then a man came in, and he was actually already having sex with a woman, anyway, the whole evening was this kind of ancient visit, one that you simply cannot forget, ever. We drank home-brewed honey mead, smoked a shared pipe of tobacco, sage and pot. It was so nice to watch the sun come up like that, with friends and strangers, getting for a moment into a place outside our own known time. Venus came over the treetops, and another celebration began and I tell you now, I canNOT believe that we were not tired, none of us, and we didn't need to catch up that sleep at any point in the week on that mountain.

Anyway, Harry, you're okay man. You're no devil Harry. You just want power to come back home Harry. Thanks for that. Thanks for the power, it's a good feeling, feeling it again.

To the revolution of Harry,
best witches,

p.s. hey Will glad to see you man!

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