Wednesday, July 13, 2005

thank you all 

Well, first, I’d like to thank you all for inviting me to post on Philly Sound. Often I have felt want to throw a critical elbow, or nod and yea-say, defer to authority, ask a question, here. To do so now must mean you have found me serious, intelligent, friendly, which is how I have found you. So I thank you again. This is an honor.

The current altogether nonserious strand confirms Frank as death-angel, which yes-yes he has this quality about him. Frank, I can think of many I would want you to read to kill. I have been reading Jonathan Culler's On Deconstruction, which I recommend, and am surprised to recommend, that I find critical theory tedious and often oblivious to movements one makes as an artist. Culler contends that deconstruction shows us that serious work is reinscribed in the nonserious. In some sense, a composer like Cage can only be heard having heard Rogers and Hammerstein. What this might mean might look something like ground:frame, what Culler calls parergonality, and well, it's interesting. (Does anyone know something about this? It feels like something dream-lost to me all the time.)


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