Thursday, July 28, 2005

Superb Owls 

Hello Divya and welcome to here. Now let me write that I don't understand Johnson's position.

If his intent is to write that there is no discoverable loci for a culture of violence, that one might research any activity, such as football or writing, and come to the conclusion Senator Clinton thinks she’ll find in Grand Theft Auto, then fine.

But if he believes that football is a loci, or the loci, and that it makes murderer material of its participants, then I disagree. One cannot forget that it was Burroughs who missed the apple, and Althusser who knows a French prison.

I have found the athletes in my English courses more diligent than those who nintendo. What makes an activity worthwhile is how it is taught. If the aim is to teach discipline, respect and self-respect, to exercise, then surely there must be a Pop Warner coach somewhere teaching something like that. Butting heads might even temper social aggression, perhaps in the same way that legalized prostitution seems to have lowered incidents of rape in the Netherlands. Oh, to have the grace of governmental permission to do what one feels need to do...

Besides, even Conrad seemed to enjoy watching the last Superbowl, or watching Frank and me watch it, although he admits it may have been the first football game he’s seen.


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