Sunday, July 31, 2005

rethinking video games, etc.. 

After talking in person last night with Will and Frank, much of what I have said lately on the blog about video games doesn't hold up like I had thought it did. Frank in particular made arguments that gave me clearer ideas that of course video games are nothing at all like remote viewing, etc., flash perception control, etc., and that I haven't had enough experience with these games to really make such optimistic conclusions. Also, Nicole McEwan was there, and gave me a dose of what it's like having a 10 year old son who is wanting to play Game Boy whenever he can. I don't have children, and frankly my life is such that I spend almost no time around children, so I really don't have any idea what these games really could be doing to their time, their focus, etc..

Let me say that Hillary Clinton's involvement with this argument made me squirm from the start, since I firmly believe she is hiding in sheep's clothing. Anyone with the conservative (and fascist) voting record she has and also feels entitled to present herself as a concerned liberal, well, it makes me more than squirm frankly, it makes me angry. Her support of the Patriot Act alone would be enough to send me there. And I believe she will use the data she puts together on the dangers of video games to help hold her mask in place when she steps forward in 2008 to prove just how caring and liberal she is. I'm not saying she's going to run on a video game platform, I'm just saying I think it's part of her many tricks in her bag. Just like voting against CAFTA is suspect when she was clearly behind her husband's support of NAFTA, and their mutual support and aid of Walmart, among other destructive forces which greased their own political ambitions.


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