Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lorenzo Thomas 1944 - 2005 

Poet Lorenzo Thomas died on the morning of July 4th in Houston TX where he'd live since the mid-1970s. He was 60.

Here is a link to work by and about Thomas. Also read Dale Smith's poem for Lorenzo posted on his Possum Pouch

Here is a short poem from me for Lorenzo Thomas:


Here is a guy. Where?
In the corner.
It and he and we are dark.
He doesn't nod, but opens
his marked and watery eyes wider.
I take it as hello, and it is.
His eyes are older than he is.
He's not someone from Philly,
but I understand him in that way
for the moment. People here
would know him. It's the walk, yes.
How he stands, a short guy,
big for his size. How he looks,
a serious and secret comportment.
So he sits; then he's up, then
he's stands and then we're here--
and he says:

But here's The truth:

You have the right to keep your mouth shut

Trust me,

Across the room
A person looking like a crazy version
Of somebody you once knew
Might be our Savior
One who can draw fire
Out of ashes
At least a lover, maybe
The one to take you up a little higher

Or let you down easy.

But don't look this way,

It isn't me

call it speech, and it is --
not as fast I am saying, but not at all slow.

--Tom Devaney

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