Saturday, July 16, 2005

LEAK-GATE: What's the Big Fuss? 

John Tierney's Nada-gate Op-ed piece in today's New York Times is out-of-control perfect in-control spin.

TIERNEY'S wistful and light (what's-the-big-fuss) tone of the Rove leak scandal is refreshing!

By the end of his piece I realize that "outing an undercover CIA agent" isn't as serious as people are making it out to be.

This isn't Leak-gate it's (I love it) Nada-gate.

We don't need to keep asking questions if it's Nada-gate -- nothing.

I am also glad Tierney doesn't get into the straight-ahead facts that federal law protects the identities of covert agents.

It's fitting that he doesn't spilt hairs about reporter Robert Novak's role in the so-called scandal. Do you believe some people are calling for Novak to get fired or resign over this? All over nothing.

Now we don't need to ask Novak who the "two senior administration officials" he quoted in his story were.

This is not an issue of accountability or a breech of public trust by the White House, I am glad Tierney doesn't get into that.

But I don't know, could Tierney's wistful tone be another kind of spin from those that would rather this all to go away?

It is certainly an effective way to handle it if you happen to think it is nothing.

If only it were.

Nada to Nada-gate!!

And to Rove distractionist like Tierney


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