Sunday, July 31, 2005

Chris McCreary, I know I know 

Getting back to Chris’ statement: I went to a highschool that gave the same preference to football players. I hated the highschool, the PTA, but the players were friends. One of them did “slide through” and went to a good college on football scholarship. (I remember him, still in highschool, reading Xmas cards from the coaches at Harvard while I, with a better GPA, seriously good SAT scores and indifferent guidance counselors, wanted to rip his smirking face off.) And had his ego wrapped up into a sandwich baggie where it is still (he never became the Joe Montana highschool told him he would be, nor the Knute Rockne he thought he’d age into; he drinks a lot now ). And though I at times have laughed about this fact with the highschool nobodies he defined himself against, I also feel like highschool cheated him. You need a Mr Miyagi; the Karate Kid was right about this. So was Hoop Dreams.

Also, I don’t know. Kasparov makes more money than Allen Iverson even. In Russia, Iceland, and parts of Brooklyn, he's God. Is he an asshole? I don’t know. He’s better educated than A.I. Maybe that’s the difference?

Will Esposito

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