Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Shine of Abdellatif Laabi 

The WCW pronouncement of the world as a constallation of poets echoes into a new century. Recently, I had an encounter with an ethnographer who works with expectant North African mothers living in France. I mentioned the work of Abdellatif Laabi, & he freaked out. He's known Laabi for 22 years, & was excited to hear that Americans know his work. He was also thrilled to hear of Laabi's selected recent poems (translated into English), published by City Lights two years ago.

Check out The World's Embrace if you haven't yet. Also, check out Pierre Joris' great new blog! There you can find links to online issues of Souffles, the litjournal edited by Laabi from 1966-71.

- Frank Sherlock

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