Thursday, June 02, 2005


The Philadelphia Gay News and every other gay news platform is making it clear that they are behind the newest push for gay American soldiers to be OUT to serve. This is just amazing to me, considering the world our military is creating.

Let me put it this way BOYS! You want to join a military MOST of the world now sees as the darkest force since Nazi Germany. Thousands and thousands of innocent lives have been taken (and thousands more yet to be taken), lives, people, silenced, for good.

You want to be part of this killing, this silencing of human life, but are crying that you can't do it with a rainbow sticker on your machine gun? Oh, you poor, poor baby!

Sacrificing your voice about your homosexuality is the LEAST you can offer the lives you are so fucking eager to take!

Am I the rotten banana in the fruit basket for saying this? So be it!

A queer voice against war,
against queer/straight/other soldiers killing,

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