Monday, June 06, 2005


I am posting an email from two young Philly film makers Don Argott and Sheena Joyce. Don and Sheena have spent the past three years making an outstanding and no holds bar documentary film about the Paul Green School of Rock, a local school in Philly teaching classic rock to teens.

According to Don the film, which I've seen in an earlier stage and love, isn't doing so well nationally. I hope you can get out to see it -- it's fun, and smart, and the kids rock!

Here are two pieces I've written on the school -- an article in Tracks Magazine, and a profile on Paul Green.

To see the movie trailer go here: http://www.rockschoolthemovie.com/flashIndex.htm


Dear Friends,

This weekend, our film, ROCK SCHOOL, opened on 32 screens in 8 cities, and almost no one showed up. Saturday night, Don and I got a call from the head of the studio, and he was less than hopeful about the life span of this film. Well, we don¹t believe that for a second, especially not after only two days, and not before it opens in our hometown. We spent every ounce of our energy, every dime in our banks, to make this dream a reality. We got picked up, and since that time, got nothing but rave reviews. Just look at all of the press out there, talk to people who have been to advanced screenings, and you will hear that this is a great film that deserves to be seen.

Help us show the big studios that there¹s a market out there for more than just blockbusters. We thank everyone for their love and support. We thank everyone for going to our premieres and advanced screenings. Unfortunately, it¹s not enough. We need you to go to the theaters. We need you to send this email to your friends, get a group together, and buy a ticket for ROCK SCHOOL this weekend. The studio and theater owners will pull out of we don¹t put butts in the seats this weekend. If you can go out, and bring three friends, we know they¹ll enjoy it, and then maybe they¹ll bring three friends to another screening. We really need a grass roots campaign to start, and we can¹t do it without you.

Please visit http://www.rockschoolthemovie.com for theater locations.

All our love,
Sheena and Don
Don Argott
Producer/Director of Photography
9.14 Pictures

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