Monday, June 20, 2005


Selma James -- international coordinator of the Global Women's Strike from London England and an author of "The Milk of Human Kindness: Defending Breastfeeding from the Global Market and AIDS Industry" -- will be speaking at 9am at the Bio Democracy* breakfast outside of GlaxoSmithKline (16th and Race) on Tuesday June 21, "The First Day of Summer, The Longest Day (of Action) of the Year". She will be speaking on "Our Health is not for Sale."

Come hear her speak, support the biodemocracy actions, look for our banner, "Invest in Caring Not Killing" and join the Global Women's Strike and Payday on the 11am march to Love Park (15th and JFK) for the 12noon rally, the main action of the biodemocracy week of activities.

For more info on Selma and GWS activities: 215-848-1120; philly@crossroadswomen.net, Global Women's Strike http://www.globalwomenstrike.net/ Payday: www.refusingtokill.net

*About the Bio Democracy events: The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) is holding their closed-door June 19-22 annual international convention in downtown Philly. As biotech corporations suck resources out of our communities, leaving us sick and impoverished, and spread Terminator seeds, Frankenfoods, pesticides, Roundup Ready crops, bio-weapons labs, and killer drugs like cancers around the world, join us to plant seeds to rebuild our communities and cultivate health, peace, justice, freedom and sustainability. For more info on the biodemocracy events go to www.biodev.org or www.reclaimthecommons.net .
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