Saturday, June 25, 2005

the first of its kind: EVERYTHING I HAVE IS BLUE 

Anyone interested in a GLBT anthology which deals with real people in the real world, this is the first: EVERYTHING I HAVE IS BLUE, an anthology of writing by working class gay men.

In this age of wanton exchange of capital, there are those in the queer community who are especially aggressive in proving that they and their other fancy queer friends are worthy citizens by displaying their large, secure Purchase Powers at the expense of anyone and everything. And they seem more than willing to do all they can to denounce, ignore, even destroy the larger GLBT community to assure their hetero board members, CEOs, mayors, state and national leaders, that the fringe of the GLBT community will be quietly replaced from the head of every significant position of authority in the community. We are witness to an astonishing hostile takeover, so to speak, and being mutated to reflect the fascist powers which now control this divided country. We must stop it, now!

This anthology is part of that need and that cry to stop it now! In doing so, in at least speaking out as proud working class queer people in the age of Paris Hilton as superstar, we can hopefully allow other working class voices to speak up once again. We have much lost ground to regain, and time's a-wasting, as my grandma would say.

Here's the official publishers website, just released today: http://www.suspectthoughts.com/pressblue.htm

Granted, the words above were written by me, and not by the publisher or editor of this anthology, but I believe that they agree with what I say, and what dangers we face, and what we must start to do to survive, and recreate a community worthy of the word community,

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