Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Universal Mother 

Hey Conrad,

Thanks for posting that "mom's salary index" link - I've been daydreaming about the $682.32 it claims I earn each week as a "mom." As for why slick newsguys would do that story... I mean, it's just a little "fun" story once-a-year, right? It's not like they're actually advocating universal health care - or even mandatory free health care for children - or something wacky like decent maternity (or paternity) leave in this country. That's the beauty of family values in this country - the government doesn't do much to actually support even their own narrow conception of family. We may get to write off $2000 a year as parents at taxtime, but boy, is that money gone a dozen times over before you blink an eye. Even when you're insured - which we are, thankfully - there are a million ways to be screwed over in terms of health care and beyond.

Speaking of mothers... My Babies' Mama has new work in How2. Check it out.

Chris McC

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