Monday, May 02, 2005

Re: Ginsberg Again 

Hey Chris, thanks for asking. I'm in L.A. right now with my sister and newborn niece, which is turning out to be a marvelous visit.

Anyway, I'm doing a little email and also wanted to see if anything new was on the blog. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Ginsberg Q&A.

But Chris to your question:
as far as articles, etc., no, none that I know of. As you can see from Caroline Bergval and Maria Gillan, it's something being talked about quite a bit right now though.

My own experiences have been with individuals, as well as hearing stories. Well, hearing Maria Gillan talk while giving a reading in Philadelphia set my hair on fire. Her contribution to the Q&A were somewhat diplomatic --moreso than when I first heard her talk about this-- but I'm very glad she participated since her experience was direct from Naropa. Maybe one day (I'm sure it's coming) there will be written remarks (our PhillySound maybe one of the first) on this subject of Ginsberg. The heat that's building seems to be spreading, which is why I wanted to do this in the first place.

I'm glad too for the range of comments and opinions. It's my own personal opinion (as I've already made clear in my own entry to the Q&A) that most of what I hear is garbage, plain and simple. I am not convinced, and at this point doubt very much I will ever be convinced, that Ginsberg was the monster some want us to believe he was. Corso maybe, but not Ginsberg.

The one common remark being made since this Q&A post appeared is that we need to focus on Ginsberg's work, not all this bio. Okay, but this is important, in order to clear the way. Most especially if charges are being made against him which cannot be supported.

It must not have been easy being Ginsberg. I don't believe he ignored people except for the fact of needing some peace and quiet. When I heard him read in Philly years ago the tugging and pulling at him after the reading lasted longer than the reading. Anyway....


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