Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mix of . . . . 

First I wanted everyone to know that Joseph Massey's amazing EUREKA SLOUGH is now available for sale! I read the book before it was a book, and have to say that beautiful design and cover by Wendy Heldmann do their work at bringing the poems up to the senses. Way to go Joe!

Second... recently Will Esposito and Lauren Ireland mentioned I should check out the latest issue of the BOSTON REVIEW to read DOROTHEA LASKY'S poems. Thanks Will and Lauren, because you know how much we all enjoyed hearing Dorothea read at that final, and memorable La Tazza reading.

(have to admit that when I picked up a copy of the BOSTON REVIEW I cringed(!) seeing all the articles on religion, faith, blah blah blah. And mostly I cringed because I knew I'd read them, and fume! And so I have been! The best so far --or so it seems to me-- is the one by Lew Daly, "COMPASSION CAPITAL." But I just have to say, in light of all the infuriating conversation (or should I call it apology?) on Howard Dean's insistence for a Pro-Life Democratic plan, that I for one AIN'T buying it! NO WAY! And I'll tell you WHY! Because ALL of the homophobia I have personally endured over the years, and the many MANY stories from other queers have almost always been at the hands of Born Again Christians. When I first heard president Bush DARE say that those of faith have endured prejudice I wanted to scream, go running down the streets screaming, seriously, screaming! I mean, hey, no one's feeding you to the lions, now GET OUT OF MY GOVERNMENT! I'm not interested, now, or EVER, in participating in a calm discussion of these matters. There has been TOO MUCH violence, death, suicide or otherwise, for anyone to be forgiven at this point. It's bad enough I have to hear my family talk about Jesus every chance they get, I'm NOT putting up with an illegitimate president and his ridiculous constituency (or should I say congregation?)! Some of the most hateful, cruel people I have ever met are born again christians.) (as an aside from this aside, Mary Kalyna from the Global Women's Strike has just recently told me that the president's faith-based teen program on abstinence has (surprise, surprise) the HIGHEST rate of teen pregnancy in the country. More than the Planned Parenthood programs, birth control, self-esteem programs, etc.)

Third... latest issue of THE HAT is out! #6 and I'm not letting you know because I'm in it, but because I just received my contributor's copy and can't put it down! Such an honor to be published with so many fantastic poets! By the way, a gorgeous chunk of Magdalena Zurawski's brilliant book is in this issue as well, piece called "A Drugstore Comb." It's 200 pages and very much worth the $12! I'm reading it as if I were reading an anthology, and not unhappy with a single page yet (I'm in the middle of Maggie Nelson's poems, page 130 or so).


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