Thursday, May 19, 2005

(CAConrad) saw this on Craig's List today and thought you or someone you know might be able to participate...interesting project. 

I'm a recent graduate of Temple University's Creative Writing Program and am seeking stories about others or your individual experiences with the condition known as 'synesthesia.' If you or someone you know has this condition, please e-mail me with your stories asap. To be brief, 'synesthesia' is basically the condition where one's senses are crossed or overlap, and so an individual is able to say, taste numbers or colors, hear color or shapes-- etc., there are many different types. The idea of the project is to investigate 'synesthesia' as a new or alternate way of thinking with regard to its relationship between consciousness and emotion. I'm very intrigued by synesthetic perception and what it can contribute to a new 'sense' of poetics. I hope you will help this project expand by sending me your stories of others or personal experiences with this condition. The condition is fairly rare, but I wanted to put it out to the community of Philadelphia in the hopes of flagging down or bringing these stories/insights forth. Please e-mail me yours and either include your name, the name of the individual you speak of, or both (if applicable) and send to:
Thank you so much for contributing to this poetry project, and I will keep you updated on its growth!
Karen Hannah

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