Friday, April 08, 2005

LA TAZZA & all shifting 

Looking forward to hearing Pattie McCarthy, as always, and looking forward to hearing Seth Frechie (someone new to me) at Jenn McCreary's Benna's Cafe reading Sunday.

But I have to say, this Saturday's La Tazza we should try for a New Orleans funeral. Love, love and more love!

This post is something I wanted to write BEFORE the event, mainly because I'm not wanting to just write about what happens tomorrow night. La Tazza has been (no doubt about it) the most important reading series to me as a poet, period! And I'm sure it will continue to be, as it finds a new home.

When I received the e-mail the other day it seemed like a belated April Fool's joke. Man alive I LOVE that space! My love for poetry and the chocolate martini go hand in loving hand!

My deepest thanks to Frank Sherlock, Greg Fuchs, Kyle Conner, and Magdalena Zurawski for your years of dedication to the finest series Philadelphia has ever seen. The generosity has come to us in many layers, and you have asked for so little from us in return.

Some of my favorite readings have been at either Highwire Gallery, where the series began, or La Tazza. But I must be honest that I didn't attend too many readings at Highwire Gallery because the space didn't turn me on. But I DID come when I did because what was going on was so amazing!

In fact I was just talking the other day about some of those readings. It was the first time I heard Jenn McCreary, a very memorable reading, the kind that can only wow you into poems. And I was at that reading with a friend who doesn't care much about poetry and she wanted to know if Jenn had a book as much as I did. Also I think she wanted to know if Jenn was married, which of course she was/is.

I'll always remember that amazing event hosted by John Coletti on Joseph Ceravolo! What a great night that was! So many others, a list of names that just have to be mentioned for me to picture the event, hear the poems again.

It's not too difficult to recall a La Tazza reading, but I'm not interested in merely creating a list. Being fed so well on poems is not to be taken lightly, and anyone who has attended La Tazza on a regular basis knows what I mean...this being fed. Many thanks especially to Frank Sherlock for continuing the series and continuing to make it more and more interesting for us. Many of us hope you want to continue the series Frank, it's an invaluable asset to the history of poetry.

"to this history of poetry" sounds so dramatic, and I don't care. It's how we are taking in the poetry in our lifetime, gotta love it!

La Tazza equals the best we can expect,

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