Sunday, March 27, 2005

Why one tiny press carries on: pressed wafer 

Tonight I finshed up writing a short intro for an interview I conducted with Bill Corbett in Feburary when he was in town. It will be published in the next online edition of Rain Taxi. Looking up some information about Pressed Wafer, the magazine and press Corbett publishes with Joseph Torra, Dan Bouchard, Jim Behrle, and Nelly Reifler, I came across an article about the press, which Corbett wrote entitled: "For the love of poetry: Why one tiny press carries on," published a year ago in The Portland Phoenix.

Corbett asks "The question at Pressed Wafer and throughout the poetry publishing world is: why bother?"

Some of his answers include the following: "For the love of the art." And "For the love of poets," is another. As someone who is under no illusions about poetry, the poetry world, and/or the world in general, Corbett articlules, as well as I've read anywhere, how and why poets and poetry presses like Pressed Wafter do carry on; it's worth reading.

Here's the link:

--Tom Devaney

Matt and CA thanks for the tip on Bansky!

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