Sunday, March 06, 2005

Rothko's Gateways 

Thanks to everyone who wrote to me about my post on Rothko, including Marvin Fisher who said Rothko's suicide wasn't soon enough. Whatever!

Anyway, "Rothko as gateway" should begin! In Philadelphia we have just the one to get together to see, but traveling to nearby cities and meeting up with poets and other human-types interested in "Rothko as gateway" is also a possibility. Someone mentioned that we should smoke some grass first. Well, okay, maybe, I don't know. Mmm, or maybe I'll have some later on. You can take your hit whenever you want, and who knows, maybe you'll be the one to see the other side of the gate!

I dreamt recently that I was looking at the Rothko in Philadelphia, eating peaches from a can, while someone had a little radio playing Bowie's "Rebel Rebel." Dreaming be the high.

Joseph Massey e-mailed, to let us know about John Taggart's Rothko poems in his book "Loop," and Kevin Thurston's e-mail ended with the line "i'm like frank o'hara without the friends," one of my new favorite lines.

Thanks, and more later,

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