Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Crystal Protest 

It's okay when it snows, especially when you have finally understood how the trillions of crystals are traveling all that way to surround you. Fully awake in the crystal arrival.

Today was the big protest in front of the Federal Building at 6th and Market in Philadelphia, sponsored by The Global Women's Strike for International Women's Day. Because the wind and cold and trillions of crystals were so overwhelming, the protest group left a little before one o'clock, and I had arrived, with giant WAR BEGINS WITH W sign and fist full of poems a little after one.

It was odd what happened next. There was a large number of cop cars and federal agents standing around the corners and doorways, etc., which I assumed were in position for the protesters.

I asked one of the agents standing in the snow near the corner of 7th and Market if there had been any protesters. He barked, "I don't know what you're talking about!" and he growled something else but I couldn't hear him. So I walked over to the hot dog vendor's cart, and asked him. He said he didn't know anything, but had a lovely smile which reminded me of my old boyfriend Marwan, and I felt compelled to give him one of my poetry broadsides. As I walked north on 7th I looked over my shoulder to see the federal agent talking with the hot dog vendor, who in turn handed the agent my broadside. That was so funny! I mean, I was laughing out loud while walking.

Even funnier though was how a different agent popped out of the sides of the building and walled parking area every so often, talking on walkie talkies. At one point I was able to hear one of these agents, and she said, "He's going up 7th! I SAID he's GOING up 7th!" They watched me circle the block with my explosive poems, then stroll to the bus for home. Hope I was enough entertainment for them for one afternoon. What a bunch of grumpy people wasting their fucking time!

On another note, people are always sending quotes around, but John Landry always sends me some of the best! This one below by Hunter S. Thompson is great, and has to be shared! Thanks John!

"He knew who I was, at that time, because I had a reputation as a writer. I knew he was part of the Bush dynasty. But he was nothing, he offered nothing, and he promised nothing. He had no humor. He was insignificant in every way and consequently I didn't pay much attention to him. But when he passed out in my bathtub, then I noticed him. I'd been in another room, talking to the bright people. I had to have him taken away." -- Hunter S. Thompson, on meeting George W. Bush at Thompson's Super Bowl party in Houston in 1974

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