Sunday, February 06, 2005

re: PACE thoughts...2 

Frank, I'll be honest that I grumbled when I first began reading your post responding to my idea of combining flyers with political organizations, but the more I got into reading, and pushing my mind open, you got through.

In the end, I have to agree. You made it clear how vital it is to keep the engine in the vehicle it drives. It's possible that it gets a spiritual seed germinating that would be, should I say(?), corrupted otherwise.

It was the thought of joining forces with the Sharptonites to save the chickens from the deep fat fryer that got me pumping. But of course there's much that can be done for the chickens which would not involve PACE, and keep PACE clear of having something other than its own evolution at stake.

It's easy to get the jumbles in politics.

But all this really just wants me to get more PACE going. Let's get more PACE going. I'm ready ready ready, fellow poets.

Just when I thought I had reached a point in my life where I really KNEW my level of enthusiasm for poetry, PACE comes along to show me there's much, much more.


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