Monday, February 21, 2005

A poem by Leevi Lehto 

Finnish poet, programmer, and translator Leevi Lehto will be speaking at Writers House on Wed. 23rd at 3 PM.

Here is one of Lehto's sonnets:

News From Otava

Mother is a poet, Father just for fun
a pseudonym to a well-known writer.
Loosing peace of work is a place to grow
as a woman lingers in this room's twilight.

Defoe makes believe to reader:
the fissure in his mind no other is than Paris!
Luckily, the well-known fixed-points -- the Paris,
neighbourhoods of Kamppi, Punavuori, where

that woman tosses in this twilight--
will all be connected, to form a pattern, where
somone also grows to reach his proper size,

realizing being androgyny.
One misty morning then the prisoner
escapes, and the story unfolds like a nut.

--Translated by Tommi Nuopponen


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