Thursday, February 03, 2005

PACE thoughts 

Talking with Mary Kalyna from the Global Women's Strike about activist flyers was very enlightening the other day. She read my post on the broadside I handed out in DC to protest the inauguration, and was amazed at the amount of e-mail feedback I received. She complained that, after all the effort put into activist flyers, they sometimes receive little feedback.

As we talked I pointed out how there were literally hundreds of different flyers from different groups down in DC, and that it's hard to keep them all straight, and to not be overwhelmed with the pile of information they are each wanting you to notice. But my flyer was a poem, and people enjoyed that, and wanted to respond, and share their own poems, share ideas about how poems can make a difference.

So how do you feel about starting to have your broadside for PACE readings with a poem and contact info on one side, and on the other side a copy of a flyer from a political organization you want to support and give time to? I mean, it can be whatever organization you want to support on the other side of your poem.

For instance, I'm VERY excited about the news that Al Sharpton is taking on the cause to boycott KFC because of the cruelty to the chickens. It's such incredible news that someone in his position is taking this stand that I want to jump on that wagon and make some noise! Already thinking about a flyer I can download about the cruelty of animals with one of my animal/PETA poems on the other side.

Of course I already know that the idea with a situation like this KFC boycott isn't to try to appeal to folks about animal cruelty alone, but to also point out the incredible cost to their health for consuming meat that has been shot full of antibiotics and hormones, and who KNOWS what else.

Hats off to Mr. Sharpton (once again),

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