Saturday, January 22, 2005


There are 33 e-mails in my Inbox from folks we met down in DC the other day. One such e-mail is from (I'll only use her first name, since I haven't heard back yet from her if I can post her name) a young woman named Karen. She said that while I was reading my poem to her group of friends, a man they had already been convinced was undercover FBI came over to listen. She said when I handed a copy of the poem to him that she wanted to warn me, but then she figured the FBI could use a little poetry. I agree with you Karen.

Another e-mail from a man named Patrick, where he explained that not long after he and I met (I remember him because he had said he wished he had brought poems of his own, but will next time) he saw some people pepper sprayed, and wanted to know if I was among them. No, and I'm glad of that. He said he couldn't see why this had happened, but that after it did, there were people there to help folks, and that some of the cops were laughing and mocking them.

Matt was the observant one of our group of three. He was busy studying how things were set up and how they were made. Once we were on the other side of the long black barricade he pointed out to me that all the riot fence we had been penned into was upside-down T's. And that way, if you tried to run and escape, you'd be standing on the very thing you were trying to topple over to escape, and that it wouldn't budge. And you'd be trapped.

Anyway, there's so much more I could go on about, but Nicole is sending an e-mail I hope to post very soon. One thing I hope she mentions is that crazy republican woman with the "DEMOCRAT CRY BABY" sign, where Nicole answered with a WHAAAA! Only to get the most bizarre WHAAAAA return! Also, when Nicole was on the other side of the protest area and not allowed back in, she encountered all kinds of confrontations between pro-Bush and Sensible People.

All day long at work yesterday the parade of mink coats in the store gave me flashbacks to the protest. The revenge of the minks is the only Book of Revelations I want to see occur!

Tune in again soon for a report from Nicole,

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