Monday, January 17, 2005

checking in 

Conrad, i liked your post about the museum. after receiving TEN consecutive messages from you on my cell phone over the weekend, i heard one quite faint message on a buzzing phone line (yr home phone?) that said something like & feebly so, "wanna go to the museum?" after hearing all the other messages, many wherein you simply & loudly articulated BRRRING!, i thought it was one of my auditory hallucinations. anyway. i've been needing some Twombly lately. this weather calls for it. BRRRING! don't know what my first choice would be from the PMA. maybe that video we saw the last time we were there together. can't remember who or the title but remember the woman who gave a tongue-in-cheek tour of the place? was hysterical.

Heather recently dreamt that she went to the PMA with a couple of her friends from PAFA & as she lay on the floor staring at the paintings, her comrades rolled around, into her, over her. getting dusty. sounds fun. the other day we were watching Rick Steves talking about visiting Paris & he'd mentioned something about the common folk hanging outside the Orsay. the way he said it. i was perplexed, expecting him to say they were actually inside the museum, of course. as if common people are happy to hang outside an art museum, not inside. when speaking of her dream, Heather brought up the perspective of artists in museums vs that of those rarely visiting art. reverence or distance or maybe disdain.

does anyone know if/how to post pictures on this blog? i'd love to scan & post some of the poloroids from the bday party. would like to get a picture of that swanky computer, too, if it's set up yet. i think the hot russian lesbians nabbed the pic of them since it's not in my pile. good! i'm surprised they didn't take the one of Alicia pulling up her black stocking.

i don't know what happened at the St Mark's reading - i had every intention of catching the set w/Nada & Gary & Aaron Kiely etc. but guess lost track of time & missed them. stupid. David Hess recently sent me some mags & chaps. *Cypress* has a pretty little Kiely poem (titled Poem) that would go well w/the CA Conrad Deviant Propulsion poem read Jan 1 FYI. maybe he read it there as well, i don't know -- i dropped the ball as they say. among the stuff DH sent, is Betsy Andrews' *She Devil.* lathery! & sweetly bound.

enough rambling.

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