Wednesday, November 10, 2004

VOTING STING: THE STORY - KARL ROVE A Prediction 11-10-04 - Voting Fraud 

The election is over; deal with it. This is the first story; the first line of spin.

However, if the stories about the mass voting problems don't stop -- and they don't seem like they are going to stop -- here is what I predict the next wave of stories will look like.

We will indeed here more about voting count "irregularities," of course; (and of course one might expect me to point this because I voted for John Kerry).

But what I am saying is something different. Some stories about voting count "irregularities" will be lies inserted into the story, which will be spread to mislead and distract people from what happened.

What do I mean?

This is a hallmark Karl Rove move, or sting.

When bad news comes, the Bush team doesn't avoid it; but in fact piles on (through blogs, fake documents, and otherwise); that is -- outright lies that they hope will get picked up by groups criticizing them as well as some media.

The result: Rove, W, Fox News clearly shows how their critics are piling on by citing false information to support their claims.

It's why people call Rove "brilliant" because he knows how to divert the focus of a story they don't want people to pay attention to -- to other lies. Lies beget lies; and believe me, W and Rove are in too far to stop now.

Hence, the sting.

Because Fox and Talk Radio back-ups can clearly show that the lies are lies -- it's built into the story. It's why the bloggers knew about the phony documents at CBS so quickly, within minutes of the CBS story breaking.

Rove gets the news cycle; he knows how to feed and use it.

So the story changes; the new, replaces the old.

All agree: Rove is a pro.

Let's face it -- the Bush folks took over a county, these tactics are mild. They do the work they need to and do it effectively -- and the "fair and balanced" news media implodes in the chase of the story.

--Tom Devaney

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