Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Swing State Postering Project 

On November 1st, carloads of poets, visual artists & activists fanned into neighborhoods in the region to poster undecided neighborhoods. The purpose was to have effective images greeting the undecided voters on the way to the polls. The larger goal was/is regime change & a repreive from America's self-imposed downward spiral into the abyss of tyranny.

The poster art was donated by artists across the country to a coalition that included Punk Planet Magazine, Clamor Magazine, In These Times Magazine & The Center for the Study of Political Graphics.

This morning I overheard office workers mentioning curious sightings of poster art in Fishtown, Tacony & deep South Philly. To see a sampling of the posters that were unfurled on the area, keep your eye on the streets. But in the meantime- since you're here, check this out.

- Frank Sherlock

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