Saturday, October 16, 2004

RABBLE: Poetry Confronting Injustice --A Fundraiser for the Global Women Strike!!!!!!!!! 

Poets Mytili Jagannathan, Frank Sherlock, and
Jena Osman will read poems by other poets who
have confronted the injustices of their time, as a
way of speaking to our own.

Saturday, October 23rd,
7 to 8pm cocktail hour
8pm reading
at La Tazza,
108 Chestnut St.,

Guest hosted by CAConrad, there will be a short
talk by Mary Kalyna of the Global Women Strike
about the organization, and about
the Million Workers March.

We will ask for a $5 donation, but if you can
give more, the hard working people at the
Global Women Strike will be appreciative,
and you can believe they will put the money
to work! check out their website:

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