Sunday, October 24, 2004

new poem by Alicia Askenase 

Recently Alicia Askenase read with several others in Philadelphia, and I asked if I could share this fantastic poem with the blog.

Alicia's one of those poets with an enormous number of mind blowing poems, and SOME publisher will, soon I hope, see to it that we can read them all!

read the poem below and see for yourself!

osso buco

[Middle English knokel.] a knuckle sandwish. a knuckle in the face can be good. if one dodges brass knuckles. it's good to re-veal in the knuckle or revel. a veal knuckle is not
osso buco. osso buco is not what it seems. not cow tail nor ass in it are bones. bones can be eaten. from a chicken the wings. not to fly. what is the purpose. is osso buco a cut above. a shank is not a knuckle. is carpal or tarsal joint. the bone has holes.. osso buco is translated oslo buck. currency is good in oslo. a good meal is attainable in oslo. people in oslo have big bones. strong bones because a meal is good. their cows have big asses. for a buck you can't get buffalo wings. an actor is confederate. a buck can be counterfeit. actors are prone to fits in oslo. the sauce is not hot. not enough heat in oslo. fjords is without I. an actor has big knuckles. big muscle is the brain. a knucklehead can rule. in oslo I don't know. over here the shank is large. served osso buco in office. when it's good it's so-so bad. sosa says mal. oh the veal meal of mass. a ruler has holes in those clothes. currency pays. it flies in the office. the office can be off. its' osso bucko made a killing. in a well clad chad. an actor can be active. an actor can be holy. an actor can be crass. an actor can be president. that's pursuit. an actor can be pursued. a president can be prone. a bone like a fjord. a bonehead born twice makes an expert. one on a hill, one in a tank. shrinking skank shrank.

Alicia Askenase
October 2004

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