Friday, September 24, 2004

hassen presents Patrick Herron & Elizabeth Reddin 

1881- Revolutionary, writer Lu Xun born, Shaohsing, Chekaing, China
1897- American novelist William Faulkner born, New Albany, Mississippi
1932- Anarchist Catalonia becomes "autonomous" region of Spain

Saturday September 25, 2004

hassen presents
Patrick Herron & Elizabeth Reddin
La Tazza 108 Chestnut St.
7pm cocktail hour
Readings @ 8 sharp

Patrick Herron was born and raised in Philly for eighteen years. He's been in North Carolina for the other five and ten. He just became a father. He studies text mining. He's about to launchclosequarterly.org this fall. Herron has two books coming out in the next year incl. the american godwar complex (blaze). Gateway songbooks just printed a chap of three poems called three poems. Patrick once had a ventriloquist doll named Lester but it skipped town on him.

Elizabeth Reddin is a writer who lives in Brooklyn. She has been performing her work in NY since 1998. She is the organizer of the reading series "Long Poems at the Parkside", and has been recording (and will be distributing) the works of Bernadette Mayer & Lewis Warsh this fall on her record label, Deerhead records. Reddin co-edits, along with Elizabeth Bethea, Destinies, a magazine.

Reading Report:

Shin Yu Pai read image-instructive poems from her latest book Equivalence, loosely themed around the democraticization of art. She dedicated poems to Wolfgang Leib & Felix Gonzalez- Torres. She even had a valentine for Joseph Cornell.

Ish Klein read a series of monologues which included a cast of known nutters, senators & Jack Benny. A gang of Fringe Festival folk went wild with praise after each poem.

See you Saturday.
- Frank Sherlock

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