Thursday, August 26, 2004

e-mail from Buck Downs in response to queer boxing 

I was listening to some sports talk last week, and the subject of gay athletes came up, b/c one NFL loudmouth was slagging a former teammate as alleged-to-be-gay. One on the many meandering threads of the topic was the periodic speculation that Lennox Lewis, the current heavyweight champ, is gay. I think that mostly stems from trivia like he speaks with a british accent and is comfortable saying names like Gaugin and listens to Mozart & Beethoven. The class/sexuality prejudice thing worms in from another angle -- since the dude likes culture & isn't a wife-beater, he must be a fag. Boxing is a sport that has lost a lot of its prestige in the last 30-50 years, so its remaining fans can be pretty defensive.
Buck, thanks as always for your clarity,

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