Wednesday, August 18, 2004

checking in, not yet checking out 

hello from CO. i'm writing from the computer room at Naropa U's Sangha House where my son is dorming. at the moment, i think the boy's talking to his 'c.a.' (community advisor, rather than 'residence/t? advisor') about hooking up internet to his laptop. it's raining outside. came over the mountains in buckets.

going to meet poet mark ducharme later this evening & looking forward to it. met mark in june at the Carrboro Poetry fest. please be sure to find his audio file at the carrboro poetry fest link (you may find in my recent post re Carrboro as i don't have it handy). i only caught the end of his reading, but enjoyed what i did hear. i especially like this bit of his online: http://www.litvert.com/mducharmethebetweens.html

as for this trip at least from land, not sea (won't go there here) --
i've been reading leanne brown's The Sleep That Changed Everything a little bit about every night & the flavor & word is perfect for travel & tenting & the foothills of mountains or is it just timing in my own reception.

yeah, as some might guess, this process is surreal & overwhelming at times. oft feeling weepy, or was before i got a good tent nap in yesterday.

& had auto trouble across pa & ohio. rental car felt like tread separating in rear tire, fishtailing around in the rain at 40 mph & gulping at possibilities of truncated everythings. switched after substantial effort & twice before situated properly & met parents in indiana. rest of journey O.K. enough. we arrived on saturday, dropped off J & gear & rental & piled into my parents' car. while searching in the mtns for proper campsites, our brakes exhausted & i pulled over in time with a "uuhh, something's up..." & oh damn barely stopping at all & the smoke from the brake fluid & more proper gulping as any endeavor to proceed at that moment & declination would have ended in certain death of one if not all of us (parents, son, myself) & the narrowly averted tragic denouement freaked me out. which reminds me. flash to moments before, as i'm whistling away at the wheel, my son sez to my ma re me, "i trust her but she really freaks me out." how 'bout that.

standing outside waiting for help to arrive i said i wonder if i'd have had the wits to tell you guys or myself to jump! & j said he would have as he did from the sunroof in the pine barrens when his friend went cruising down a ravine into water. i didn't remark that he didn't have wits to wear a seatbelt before careening into a tree & the windshield on another trip in the pine barrens. infinite possibilities, narrow escapes.

which reminds me, took j to see film What the *#($)! Do We Know last night. very odd timing as only a few days earlier on the road, we had a similar conversation wherein i again summarized my philo approach to/of Things to him about well i won't get intot that but it was comically similar to the narration of the film. which, if you see, or know what i'm talking about, may be understood to be evidence of one's creative manifestation. a very exciting prospect. i encourage anyone to see it if it's showing nearby. not the best thing on screen, but fun in any case. i was often annoyed & would have done it differently but i like Marlee Matlin's face & am really excited by contemporary physics & whatever tangential. so there's my movie review.

well, i'm off to check out david hess' blog. i saw his loveliness when i stopped in st. louis, by the way. for lunch. he mentioned he wrote something on the boston poetry massacre weekend, which i've yet to write about myself (have been planning to but i need a span of free time & correct spellings!). let me just grab his URL if you want to take a look as well - http://heathensinheat.blogspot.com/ now, i'm off to read!

with boulder love,

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