Thursday, July 29, 2004

How the Democrats May Just Blow It Afterall 

The gears have shifted, and the party is locked in cruise control. In the attempt to not appear as "Bush-bashers" or "negative", the Democrats have embraced unity rhetoric as a way of winning new voters. It's no longer time to divide, but bring together. They've chosen to run on their ideas. Again. And it's this kind of strategy that just may give us four more wars.

Many laughed at the idea of a Democrat president a year ago.  John Kerry has Howard Dean to thank for even having the chance to defeat Bush. His dynamic attacks on GeorgeII made it okay for Dems to finally go on the offensive, instead of Daschling out like lambs. The DNC is making a grave mistake by believing their own hype. It's delusionary to believe that most voters are actually voting FOR John Kerry. As Michael Moore said on the O'Reilly Factor, "People would vote for their right sock to get Bush out of office."

During the convention, Dean's been gentle (read: a snooze), Mfume said Bush gets too much blame, and Democrat cheerleader Ben Affleck is publicly calling George Bush a kind man. This is the new party line. But there's no room for dignified losers this time. If Kerry wants  to stay in the game, the party needs to turn up the Bush-bashing heat in the next few months. Kerry can only win by a vote of No Confidence for Bush. Too much is at stake to invest in the lukewarm senator's ego. It's not about him. It's about us.

Frank Sherlock



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