Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Carrboro Poetry Festival 

i've been meaning to write a little something about the Carrboro Poetry Festival last month in North Carolina. sorry it's taken so long. was put together by the lovely, talented Patrick Herron, Carrboro's first Poet Laureate.

poet Randall Williams (who read some great political stuff with homemade dummy G.W. in attendance) & his partner Lissette let us stay at their superfab place in the woods. log cabin, built circa 1840s, replete with stiff humidity & a variety of luscious slithering creatures, intoxicating air & visuals, smirking felines that pleasure-kill squirrels and shrews, a dozen tottering chicks ordered fresh off the internet, an aromatic garden featuring thai basil, chiggers feasting on human flesh with great appetite as Lisette's plagued torso testified. . .and so on. . .

but about the event.

there's a link for the audio so you can judge the poetry for yourselves.

i was told that i missed a few really good readings.
those i did catch & particularly recommend :
Patrick Herron (featuring "The Blood Spattered Banner" & "Weasels Eagles Maldives Corpuscles" - each performed with appropriate disoriented &/or frenetic angst)
Mac Ivey
John Balaban
Linh Dinh
Lee Ann Brown
K. Silem Mohammad

everyone seemed to truly enjoy themselves. grinning monkeys. i especially dug meeting and talking with sharp Kasey Mohammad. also happy to catch up a little with Patrick, who was positively pleasant & eloquent, despite how (pre?) occupied he was. by the way, i imagine he & his wife have a newborn by now...

hmm. seems i can't gather my thoughts together enough to share any special moments or details about the thing right now. dag.

here's a snip from something Patrick wrote awhile back:
Festival an overwhelming success
*AUDIO & COMMENTARIES AVAILABLE* http://carrboropoetryfestival.org
For those of you who missed out, audio of the event is now available in mp3 format at the festival website.

The festival was a success in ways I never imagined. Two of the seven sessions were standing room only--especially amazing considering the festival was a poetry event unaffiliated with any writers organization, reading series, or university. I had no idea what to expect, but I never expected so many people would stick around for ten hours of poetry.

The excitement of the participants was palpable. I have never seen so many poets excited about poetry like they were that weekend. Maybe it was the weather, the turnout, the after-hours discussions across the street on a porch at a well-known watering hole. Who knows. But the gang just sort of, well, coalesced.

a good time!


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